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Around the 1960s, when Surprise, Arizona was incorporated as its own city, homeowners associations were becoming a very popular way of developing land across the nation. Since its inception as a city, it isn’t surprising that Surprise has provided living space for its residents by and large through the use of HOAs.

HOAs provide many benefits to its members and residents, meaning that HOA Boards of Directors are usually directly responsible for the management of the HOA. At City Property Management, we offer HOA management services in Surprise to help HOAs fulfill their responsibilities and to mitigate the pressure of their responsibilities.

What We Do for Your HOA

As a management company, we will facilitate all aspects of your Surprise HOA. We give the Board of Directors the tools and information to make informed decisions that benefit the community.

Our administrative services help HOAs function without the leadership needing to oversee all of the operations or needing to hire outside help. Some of the administrative duties we cover with our in-house experienced professionals include:

We can facilitate all the vendors to help maintain and beautify your Surprise HOA. From landscapers to pest control we can use our list of approved Surprise vendors to get you the best price and the best service. Your Board of Directors and HOA will be given the tools and options needed to make informed decisions on all aspects that go into properly maintaining and enhancing your Surprise community’s property values. Some of the vendors we can help you facilitate are:

Why We Are Your Best Choice for HOA Management in Surprise

We offer all of the services your HOA needs to run effectively, which is something other management companies don’t do. We also solely focus our management style on HOAs, providing you the best resource for HOA management that you can receive in Surprise. When you hire us as your management company, we have all of the resources, staff, and personnel to fulfill the work that needs to be done with your HOA, saving your HOA and its members time and money. Not only do we offer HOA members a convenient way to pay their fees online, we also help you keep track of fees, how the fees are used, and take action to ensure all homeowners in your association are not in compliance with their CC&R contracts. We will facilitate all your Boards HOA duties in the most professional, organized manner.

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When you need Surprise HOA management services, don’t be shocked at the ease at which we make this happen. We will help you run your HOA effortlessly and with great success. Just call us at 602.437.4777 to talk with us and the services we can provide you. You may also send us an email at info@cityproperty.com.

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