Patty Garvin

Patti Garvin, CEO

Patricia “Patti” A. Garvin was born in Tucson in 1954 to Albert and Mary Anne Beller and relocated to Twenty-nine Palms, California in 1959. She graduated from Twenty-nine Palms High School in 1972 and attended the University of Arizona (Tucson) in 1973.

After relocating to Palm Springs, California she started in the property management industry in 1979 managing a portfolio of 250 rental units for ERA Realty. In 1981 she was recruited to work for the Don Lawrence Companies and started her career in the HOA management industry.

In 1984, Patti along with her family, relocated to beautiful Scottsdale Arizona. In 1985 Patti took out a small loan and purchased into a partnership at a small Mesa based full service real estate company called City Property Management (founded in 1979). In addition to being a principal, she assumed the roles of President, Treasurer and Designated Broker. After a series of internal acquisitions Patti became the sole owner of City Property Management in 1992. At around the same time City Property had locations in Scottsdale, Las Vegas, NV, and Denver, CO. During the early 1990’s the company HOA management services, provided commercial, residential brokerage, as well as management and as a result of contracts awarded by HUD the rehabilitation of over 3,000 rental units. In 1992 the company was consolidated back to one office in Ahwatukee where it remained for 10 years. After its relocation to Awatukee, City Property focused exclusively on HOA management. In 2002 the company constructed its own building in Phoenix to house the tremendous amount of growth of its personnel. 2002 was also the year that Patti and other industry leaders founded the AACM (Arizona Association of Community Managers) to serve as the legislative representative and education arm of the local HOA management industry.

In 2003 Patti initiated the development of a data management software program named “CITYCYNC®” to facilitate and organize the processes of the company. It has since become instrumental in the daily operations of the business and its clients and has revolutionized efficiency. In 2005 City Property purchased another adjacent building within the complex to staff the accounting and collection department. In 2011, with the need for even more space, City Property expanded space in a 3rd building. As of 2016 City Property employs approximately 150 people and occupies over 15,000 square feet of office space.

In addition to a business owner and a respected industry leader, Patti is also a wife, mother of three and grandmother of five.

Office Hours: Monday thru Thursday 8am-5pm, Fri 8am-3pm