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Many cities throughout the Maricopa and Yavapai counties have been experiencing incredible growth as population rates are rapidly increasing and more and more people across the states are moving here to find employment and escape cold weather. Peoria, as one of the cities which is experiencing this growth, has increasingly created land developments and homeowner’s associations to provide housing accommodations to families and individuals in the area. As new HOAs are formed, the boards of directors and leadership that are responsible for maintaining and providing its members with amenities have a massive task of organizing the right vendors, assessment collection, rule enforcement, and other needed tasks or personnel to make their HOA run smoothly. This can be a difficult process, which is why many HOAs in the area turn to us as their Peoria HOA management service company.

City Property Management and What We Do

There are two basic types of management services we provide HOAs. The first type of management service corresponds with the administrative functions of running the HOA, or in helping with the business arm of your association. There are several duties HOA boards must fulfill on the HOAs business side to ensure the residents are receiving their entitled HOA services, including hiring individual companies to carry out duties, track membership fees and their appropriation, and much more. To mitigate the pressures of the responsibilities associated with managing this side of your association, City Property Management in Peoria provides, these services:

The second aspect of our services are that we will facilitate all the vendors to help maintain and beautify your Peoria HOA. From landscapers to pest control we can use our list of approved Peoria vendors to get you the best price and the best service. Your Board of Directors and HOA will be given the tools and options needed to make informed decisions on all aspects that go into properly maintaining and enhancing your Avondal community’s property values. Some of the vendors we can help you facilitate are:

As we provide access to these services and reliable vendors to execute them, HOA board members free up their time to spend outside of the HOA’s day to day operations and leave time to engage in other crucial HOA functions.

Choose Us As Your Property Management in Peoria

The services we offer our local HOAs are crucial for proper management, which is why many communities have already invested in us as their HOA management company in Peoria. When you come to use, you are receiving quality care which you won’t be able to find in other management companies. We set ourselves apart by offering you 30 years of management experience exclusively with HOAs and fulfill all of our management responsibilities within your standard operating procedures to achieve your goals in a smooth and successful manner. To improve your HOA management, call us today at 602.437.4777 or email us at info@cityproperty.com to provide you with more details about our services that are right for you.

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