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The first thing that usually comes to mind when one think of the Grand Canyon State is the pleasant weather – warm and sunny on most months. While this is a notable facet of Arizona, this pristine state offers so much more: grand nature trails, mountains and hills to explore and of course, a most vibrant housing market for home buyers of all walks of life.

Elevated more than 3,000 feet from sea level and with less than 30% water bisecting its landmass, the Grand Canyon State is a shining beacon in the American Southwest and is also proof that even if you’re facing the Sonoran desert, there are ways to progress and modernize continuously. Many parts of Arizona began as cotton plantations and other agricultural lands.

Around these agricultural ventures rose settlements, towns and eventually, large cities where people flocked to live and work. Arizona’s geography is as fascinating as its modern cities. Did you know that the Copper State’s desert landscape was shaped not by desertification alone but by volcanic activity? Despite the fact that the landscape was once molded by volcanic streams and eruptions, much of the land still grew into massive forests and glades that truly amplifies the experience when you go out to explore nature through the dry trails of Arizona. The arid nature of the state has not stopped trees, cacti and countless vegetation from growing in abundance in and around the Copper State.

Arizona, like other states, has large metropoles with suburbs. The largest metropole is Phoenix and within it is Laveen. Laveen is neither a town or city – it’s an urban village that has a long history of being self-sufficient and independent of the larger Phoenix area. This self-sufficiency was brought upon by the fact that Laveen was separated from the larger Phoenix metropole by the Gila River. Laveen started off as an agricultural area that primarily grew alfalfa and of course, cotton. This urban village has fortunately kept up with the times and private development has modernized it greatly since its humble agricultural beginnings. There are two districts in the urban village (seven and eight) and the former is considered the majority district. Water in this area is fed continuously by the Roosevelt Dam.

HOA Property Management in Laveen, AZ

Homeowner associations often find themselves at a loss as to how they can truly organized. With so many vital functions and a ton of paperwork at every turn, it’s impossible to manage a growing community well without the aid of a property management firm. If you are a HOA board member or president and would like to enlist the help of an effective and dedicated property management firm, meet the City Property Management Company, a top-ranked firm in the Valley area. City Property Management Company currently serves the cities of Surprise, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and many more.

CPM can help your homeowner’s association achieve its full potential by providing adaptable and excellent services such as dedicated community accounting, electricity tracking, water tracking, phone usage monitoring, funds collection and reporting, insuring of funds, legal monitoring, violation monitoring and many more.

Since CPM has been working closely with HOAs for many, many years, it’s no surprise that it has its own in-house legal consult and accountants. To add to this already value-filled bundle is the CITYCYNC, which is the digital nervous system supporting everything from displaying reports to instant notification of homeowners. Ever wanted to have vital data displayed side by side so you’ll know what to do next?

The CITYCYNC network takes care of that for you. No delays, no missed news… Even vote casting can be integrated into the system and access by board members through the portal. Just imagine – there’s finally a way to monitor the progress within the community by looking at real-time snapshots of what’s going on.

You no longer have to make tedious phone calls to so many people just to get basic information about how things are moving along. To add to the convenience is the fact that logs and reports, which are decidedly the most complex to organize, would finally have a digital home where they can be viewed easily any time of the day. Simply log on to the CITYCYNC portal and from the central dashboard you can do all your work – without any muss or fuss!

So the next time you think about getting a property management firm to handle your HOA needs, think of adaptability and convenience the way City Property Management Company can provide.

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